Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Steelrising Is A New Action/RPG With A Historical Twist

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Developer Spiders is the studio behind games like The Technomancer and Greedfall, and today it revealed a new action/RPG with a historical twist.

Steelrising is set in an alternate version of Paris during the French Revolution. Controlling the automaton Aegis, players fight against the robotic armies of King Louis XVI. You can get a general flavor for the characters and campaign by watching the reveal trailer above.

Previous titles from Spiders have toyed with player agency and even taken inspiration from Souls games, but have had a general lack of polish bring the experiences down. Only time will tell how Spiders will blend action/RPG conventions this time, and how it addresses feedback from earlier efforts.

Steelrising is being published by Nacon and releasing in 2021.


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