Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Meet Valorant's Upcoming Agent Killjoy

Valorant's newest agent to join the roster is Killjoy, a German operative that thrives on technology and mechanized mayhem. Killjoy joins the Valorant roster on August 4, but we have a rundown on her abilities and a trailer today. If you're looking for an option with area-denial capabilities, Killjoy might be the one for you.

Killjoy can place a turret to defend key positions, hurl Nanoswarm grenades, deploy a homing Alarmbot, and even potentially freeze an entire enemy team in its tracks with her ultimate ability Lockdown. While the Lockdown device can be destroyed by the enemy during its long deployment time, if it takes root, there's going to be a big cleanup opportunity. Robots!!!

Check out Killjoy's introduction trailer below.

Click here to watch embedded media


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