Thursday, July 16, 2020

New Gameplay Today Live - Ooblets

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What do you get when you take a farming sim game and cross it with a creature collecting game, then add just a dash of card-based dancing "combat"? You get freaking Ooblets, man. These crazy little creatures will help you build your farm and a new life out there in... Oobland, or whatever the town is called. People speak in strange phrases. You have dance off competitions with Ooblets and their owners.

You coax wild Ooblets to squirt out seeds at you so you can plant them and make your own empire of these little things. It would be terrifying if it wasn't so cute. You can join Dan Tack today at 2 PM CT as he attempts to set up a farm worth living in and tries to make the most powerful of all dancing Ooblets join him for his road to tournament champion.

Ooblets is available in Early Access on the Epic Games Store and Xbox One.

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