Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Dragon's Dogma Is Getting An Anime Adaptation

Dragon's Dogma is a strange, wonderful RPG from Capcom that originally released back in 2012. It received an expansion in 2013, and since then the whole package has been ported several times, giving new players plenty of chances to give it a shot. Though devout fans (like me) have been hoping for a sequel announcement, Netflix may have just given us the next best thing.

The streaming company revealed on Twitter that an animated adaptation of Dragon's Dogma is on its way, debuting on September 17. The tweet also included a poster to tease the series, but no other solid details.


Without spoiling anything about the game's story, let's just say that the world of Dragon's Dogma is definitely bizarre and surprising enough to make this work. Considering the acclaim that Netflix's Castlevania anime has received (as well as other shows based on games, like The Witcher), this could be a good thing for everyone.

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