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The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1 - Eastbrook Elementary

This portion of The Last of Us 2 Seattle Day 1 - Eastbrook Elementary Walkthrough provides tips for taking down through the classrooms and courtyards. Includes every collectible location, including 3 Artifacts and 1 Trading Card.

Eastbrook Elementary Walkthrough

A cutscene sets up the beginning of Eastbrook Elementary.

Kindergarten Classrooms

You’ll need to move the joystick to the right to be close enough to pick up the broken glass. From here, follow the prompts to cut the string, pick up the knife, and then go after your target as you would any other enemy.

Artifact - Leah’s Photograph and Artifact - Leah’s Note

During this opening scene, you automatically pick up 2 Artifacts: Leah’s Photograph and Leah’s note.

Now, it’s a bit of an ambush. Dina has it covered so follow her instructions and flank (go around and attack the enemy from behind/to the side). When they’re dead, loot the bodies for ammo and continue. Head through the double doors and get ready for a few waves of enemies.


  • There’s no perfect formula here since enemies may move differently but consider taking it a room at a time: taking down the closest out first.

  • Start out with stealth, put off getting into a firefight for as long as you can.

  • Remember that as long as you have cover you can execute a frontal stealth kill as long as you’re close/quick enough.

  • Make sure enemies don’t see any of their friends’ dead bodies or this will blow your cover. Never loiter by a kill.

  • Note: There’s health in the library on the librarian’s desk, by the pumpkin.

Courtyard and Cafeteria

Kill all the members in the courtyard and cafeteria. It starts off as just 2 in the courtyard and 1 in the cafeteria but once you take down 2, 3 more will appear from the roof area. Below are some tips to get through this encounter in one piece.


  • The WLF member in the courtyard can see inside the adjacent cafeteria and the WLF member in the cafeteria can see the courtyard. Be mindful of this. Make sure no one sees you kill anyone.

  • Recommended order: Courtyard WFL member (near the cafeteria) when they’re behind cover so they die hidden. Then attack the other Courtyard WFL member (off to the left), make sure the WFL member in the cafeteria is on the opposite side and can’t see you killing this last courtyard member.

  • Once 2 members are dead three more will come from the roof.

  • Get some distance but make sure the cafeteria WLF member can’t see you, he’ll likely come into the courtyard too.

  • Quickly start doing stealth kills. Because there are so many enemies it’s harder to sit and study their walking patterns without getting caught.

  • You can drag enemies around after grabbing them but they’ll make noise as you drag them and dragging them means you’re standing up for a longer period of time. These things can alert others. So make sure they’re already in tall grass when you grab/kill them.

  • Make sure other enemies don’t see the bodies but also don’t stick around the crime scene. Move, quickly observe, strike, and repeat.

  • If you do get caught in a fire-fight remember there’s some health and ammo on the cafeteria tables. Either way, be sure to loot it after (picking up the scraps on the tables and the supplements on the cots).

To the Roof

Once these WLF members have been killed, keep moving to the roof and get ready to take out some more enemies. You can use the solar panels as cover by crawling under it but enemies can still discover you there. Loot the table with the coolers for scrap, health, and ammo. When you’re ready head inside.

Artifact - Isaac’s Mandate

Check out the shelves on your left and down the right hall full of useful items and supplements. Pick up the artifact on the blue table: Isaac’s Mandate. At the end of the hall, you’ll reach a white door but it’s locked. Take Dina’s suggestion and head out the window.

Leaving the School

You’re out in the fresh air but back up is arriving. Follow Dina and do a running jump to the window across from the roof. Loot the apartment kitchen, living room, and rooms on the right for items including supplements in the bathroom.

Trading Card - Cardio

Open the nightstand drawer by the bed, in the leafy bedroom, for another trading card. Grab the scraps in the adjacent closet too! Head down the hall and continue into the next room. You can get ammo in the kitchen drawer and supplements on the bathroom sink, scrap in the bedroom closet, and alcohol in the dresser drawer. When you’re ready, continue through the white door. A brief cutscene will play and you’ll need to follow Dina, jumping onto the covered hot tub below and heading out, beginning the next section: Capitol Hill.


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