Monday, June 22, 2020

The Last of Us 2 Safe Combinations and Codes

The Last of Us 2 is a grim world in which around a dozen people all owned the same model of safe. They're long gone so go ahead and crack open the safe with these safe combinations and codes. These will be divided by chapter and section. To avoid spoilers, some chapter names and subsections do not include full names.

Chapter 1: Jackson Safe Codes

  • The Patrol. The spore infected part of the grocery store, check the back office. Safe Combo: 07-20-13

Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1 Safe Codes

  • Downtown: Enter the courthouse and before going down the elevator to get to the garage break the window to enter the locked room. Safe Code: 86-07-22
  • Downtown: Enter the bank and the vault code is 60-23-06
  • Downtown: Locate the Gate West 2 below the Courthouse at Madison and 5th, and squeeze through the open gate to find a safe with the note “use Gate Code” consult your notes to find the list of codes and enter 04, 51.
  • Capitol Hill. In the area covered by trap mines, check out the back room(s) in the thrift store. Safe Combo: 55-01-33
  • Tunnels: In the office rooms, in the tunnels, go to the break room (with small tables and vending machines). The code to the Locker Room there is 15243.

Chapter 3: Seattle Day 1 Safe Codes

  • Hillcrest: Enter the auto repair shop behind all the businesses. You'll need to move the dumpster to get access. Safe Combo: 30-82-65
  • The Seraphites: Apartment bedroom. The door is locked but you can gain access through the laundry room down the stairs (on the right) or by climbing the truck to break in through the window. Safe combo: 10-08-83
  • The Seraphites: When swimming look for the concrete/parking garage. Go up stairs to the pharmacy and crawl through a hole in the wall, giving you -ccess to the back room. Open the safe with the code: 38-55-23. -

Chapter 4: Seattle Day 3 Safe Codes

  • The Flooded City: you'll have to manually open a door in the warehouse to keep driving your boat. Before you leave go upstairs where debris blocks your path - but you can move a pallet on wheels to the side to crawl through to the far end. Drop through a window to find yourself next to the boat behind a cage where the safe is. Safe Combo: 70-12-64

Chapter 6 Safe Codes

  • On Foot: After exiting the warehouse with the suspended boat go to the building across from the trailer. There, you'll find a safe. Safe Combo: 17-38-07.
  • Hostile Territory: Enter the Bakery. Safe Combo: 68-96-89
  • The Coast: After taking down the infected in the boat, go to the deck. Enter the side with the huge hole and there's the safe. Safe Combo: 90-77-01

Chapter 7 Safe Codes

  • The Shortcut: The apartment building with the DnD game on the table has a safe in the bedroom. Safe Combo is 30-23-04
  • The Descent: After leaving the initial pool area go through the doors ahead and you'll see a gym. Across from the gym (left of the stairs) is a closet with a safe in it. Safe Combo: 12-18-79


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