Thursday, June 18, 2020

The Last of Us 2 Exploration Tips

Exploring and scavenging for materials makes up a lot of The Last of Us Part 2, so we’ve gathered a few of our best tips and tricks to get you started outright.

  • Search every nook and cranny. Going off the beaten path will often lead to more than just crafting materials, supplements, or ammo. It can also unlock optional dialogue. So be sure to interact with letters and objects scattered throughout the world to get the most out of the story.
  • Learn the tools of the trade. While weapon scraps and supplements may seem easy to come by, you’ll never find enough of either to fully upgrade Ellie or her equipment in a single playthrough. So be smart and focus on maximizing your preferred playstyle when using those precious resources. Also, don't be afraid to save up your weapon scraps for a hefty upgrade, the weapon workbenches pop up fairly regularly.
  • Study survival training. Entire skill paths are locked behind training manuals that are sprinkled throughout your journey. Make sure to explore every area and unlock every safe to gain access to these upgrades.
  • Search for Clues. Safes are something you’ll run into often, and the combination for that safe is almost always nearby. Look for letters around the safe location that will sometimes flat out give you the code, or give you a hint on where to find it, such as a specific date or even a phone number. If you can’t find a letter, check the room itself for answers or hints.
  • Become a safecracker. Having trouble finding the combination for a safe? Well have I got good news for you! They can also be cracked. With a bit of patience and the volume turned up you’ll be able to hear a slight change in the tone of the dial’s clicks when you reach the correct number. It’s very subtle but could save you time in the long run.
  • Be a survival expert. Exploring is great for getting resources but you can only carry so many items, do not hoard them. It would be a shame to pass up alcohol bottles because you’re carrying too many when you have available health kit slots that aren’t being used. Likewise, don’t be afraid to finally throw that Molotov cocktail if you’ve been carrying 3 for the last 3hrs.
  • Enjoy some sightseeing. Early in the story, Ellie, Dina, (and Shimmer) will find themselves in one of the more open-world sections of the game. Here, you’ll actually have a map and complete freedom to roam around. Use this time wisely to explore every building Ellie jots down. You’ll find key items that will tempt you to explore more buildings, collectibles, story moments, and more. When you feel it’s time to leave a building or area, you’ll know for certain that you’ve found everything by Ellie’s verbal callout that the place is empty. She’ll even cross it out on the map.
  • Remember, you can go back. When playing through the story for the first time, don’t stress about collecting everything all in one go. The Last of Us Part 2 has a great chapter select system that tells you how many collectibles you’re missing in a chapter after you beat it. You can always go back.
  • Crawl for collectibles (and items!). Don’t forget that Ellie can go fully prone, and of course, Naughty Dog used this mechanic to hide even more items. So when you’re really on the hunt for items, make sure to crawl under bathroom stalls, or even under beds.
  • Break everything. Don’t be afraid to break all the glass you can. As long as there are no enemies around to hear you of course. Vending machines usually house health and some windows may even lead to areas not otherwise accessible. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the game tells you that you can break glass by throwing something through it, but if you can also shoot or melee it.
  • Eye it all. If you’re hunting collectibles, don’t ignore cork boards and walls. Someone may have pinned a valuable trading card up amongst some other papers.
  • Beware of spawn randomness. We've noticed a few important items can appear in different locations. If you miss a manual or new gun the first time around it may appear a few sections later. Occasionally collectibles appeared in slightly different locations too; the cause of this is unclear. But that's just all the more reason to leave no drawer unopened or area unexplored.
  • Get every last one of them. Going for the coveted Platinum Trophy? The Last of Us Part 2 doesn’t have difficulty-based trophies, but you will have to play through at least some of the game again to fully upgrade your character.


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