Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Marvel's Avengers: New Details on Customizing Your Hero's Moves

Crystal Dynamics showed off more of Marvel’s Avengers today during its War Table livestream, and IGN was able to speak with the developers in an interview where we learned some additional details. Including a deeper dive into the hero customization that lets players tailor recognizable heroes like Iron Man and Hulk to their unique playstyles. Avengers lead combat designer Vince Napoli spoke with IGN ahead of the War Table and we asked what additional benefits the Support Moves have, particularly in multiplayer mode versus single-player. [widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=marvels-avengers-a-day-gameplay-trailer-screenshots&captions=true"] “All the support abilities also have a primary function for the main character as well,” Napoli says. “Thor’s, for example, is sort of his turn into a Thor Ragnarok, god-mode where lightning strikes all enemies around him, but also, like straight out of Mario Kart, Every Avenger gets hit with a lightning bolt from the sky as well, and becomes invincible for the next 12 seconds and gets a lightning shield.” So the support abilities boost both the player and their teammates, whether they’re other players or AI partners. But where customization comes in is that players can also tailor their heroics to suit their specific needs. “You can configure those heroics where you can go in and change the way Iron Man’s Arc Reactor beam fires, like, completely differently. Or you can change the way that the god mode sort of works for Thor and you can turn him into a sort of a beacon of health where he’ll sort of channel health to nearby characters for the duration of his god mode.” These ability customizations are further augmented with gear perks that can add duration to certain skills, or other buffs. And this loop is expanded by the quest design where since levels are fairly open-ended and large, players can farm gear during a mission as a side quest rather than focus on the primary objective. One of the developers, for example, prefers to play Hulk as a ranged support character rather than an up-close melee fighter. This is the kind of playstyle personalization Marvel’s Avengers allows. [ignvideo url=""] Marvel's Avengers is Crystal Dynamics' take on the popular Marvel superhero team that will include both an ongoing multiplayer component and a story-driven single-player mode. In multiplayer, players can choose to play as one of the confirmed Avengers heroes like Iron Man, while single-player will include additional characters like Ms. Marvel. For more from today’s Avengers War Table check out IGN for previews, news, and more. [poilib element="accentDivider"] Matt Kim is a reporter for IGN.


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