Friday, December 13, 2019

The Wolf Among Us 2: Telltale Games' Revival Explained

Update 12/13: The Wolf Among Us 2 has been announced at The Game Awards for the second time. The sequel to the Fables-based adventure game was originally announced in 2017, but the unfortunate closure of Telltale Games meant that the game never came to be. The story doesn't end there, though; Telltale Games has been revived, and The Wolf Among Us 2 is back in development, with some of the original developers and voice cast returning, too.

But what happened to Telltale Games, and why is the studio back? Is it even the same studio? Our full explainer below will tell you everything you need to know.

Telltale Games is alive (in some form) again following a buyout by a Malibu, California-based company called LCG Entertainment. But news of Telltale’s revival isn’t as clear-cut as headlines would suggest, especially considering Telltale’s complicated history leading to its closure in 2018.

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