Monday, December 16, 2019

No More Heroes 3 Trailer Accused of Plagiarism

The No More Heroes 3 trailer that debuted at The Game Awards has been accused of plagiarism. However, a deeper look into the situation has revealed that the people who made the trailer may not necessarily have known they were plagiarizing anyone.

Utrecht-based animation house Studio Plumeau posted a tweet on December 13, 2019 that said an FX animation it had created was used without permission in the No More Heroes 3 trailer shown during The Game Awards.

“Biggest surprise @thegameawards last night was seeing our fx animation pop up in the #NoMoreHeroes3 trailer. Who do I bill for this?” read the tweet before it was taken down (via NintendoEverything). Studio Plumeau tagged the game’s developer Grasshopper Manufacture, its publisher Marvelous Games, and Nintendo America in the tweet.

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