Sunday, December 22, 2019

Being a New Rainbow Six Siege Player in 2019

My team has breached the consulate building and we’re cautiously bearing down on our objective from all sides. I hear bullets and explosives traded elsewhere on the floor as I approach a reinforced room with no clue what’s inside. Comms go dark for two of my squad, though it seems they downed three foes before they fell. I round a corner and find a single patch of unfortified wall - all that separates me from the goal.

I punch a hole in the plaster with my trusty breaching hammer, sidestepping back into cover in time to avoid desperate gunfire from within. I wait for the defender to reload before peeking into the room through my scope, scanning from right to left as I move. Spying the top of someone’s head across a counter I take a pot-shot, missing by a fraction. I retreat into cover again momentarily and, frustrated by my panic, toss a grenade in the threat’s direction.

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