Friday, February 8, 2019

Axiom Verge Crashes on Epic Store Thanks to Missing 'Steam' File

The Epic Games Store is giving away a new free game every two weeks just for logging in, the most recent of which is 2015’s metroidvania hit Axiom Verge, but things didn’t go quite according to plan with this one. As reported by PC Gamer, players encountered a consistent crash upon entering a specific area, and it turns that’s because it was missing a file called ‘Steam.xnb’.

The issue has already been fixed, but developer Tom Happ explained on Twitter that it stemmed from how he moved Axiom Verge over from Steam to the Epic Games Store. Happ automatically excluded any game files with the word “Steam” in it to cut down on unnecessary files associated with Valve’s platform, but that inadvertently removed an unrelated sound effect of a burst of steam – like the sound of boiled water, not the store.

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