Monday, December 10, 2018

Spider-Verse Explained

Sometimes it seems like Spider-Man is the loneliest and unluckiest hero in the entire Marvel Universe. But as it turns out, he's far from the only wall-crawling hero out there. The Marvel multiverse is full of like-minded do-gooders who use their spider-powers to defend innocent lives. And when those heroes come together, the Spider-Verse is born.

And now, with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse hitting theaters, what better time to delve into the history of the Spider-Verse? The film stars the voice talents of Shameik Moore (as Spider-Man/Miles Morales), Jake Johnson (as Peter Parker), Hailee Steinfeld (as Gwen Stacy), Mahershala Ali (as Miles' uncle Aaron), Brian Tyree Henry (as Miles’ father Jefferson), Luna Lauren Velez (as Miles’ mother Rio), Lily Tomlin (as Aunt May), and Liev Schreiber (as The Kingpin).

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