Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Write Your Own Story With This The Last Of Us Part II Notebook Box Set

The Last of Us Part II isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we can probably all agree that Ellie and Abby’s journals were pretty cool, right? If you think so and want a cool collectible or are just a general stationary aficionado (they exist), luxury design store Cook and Becker and Naughty Dog have something for you. The two companies have put together limited edition replicas of the two characters’ notebooks and packaged them alongside with other goodies.

The two premium notebooks feature character art and illustrations pulled straight from the game, such as Ellie’s sketches. You can still write in it yourself, of course, with plenty of lined blank pages. Abby’s book even includes a blank workout schedule.

No journal is complete without a good writing instrument, so the set includes a black graphite pencil for Ellie and a red carpenters pencil for Abby. Cook and Becker also tosses in a fine art print, post-it notes shaped like Molotov cocktails, stickers, a guitar pick, and a guitar-shaped paperclip. It all comes packaged in a fancy box bearing an appropriate cordyceps fungus warning message, which will likely deter unwanted eyes from prying into your box. Probably. 

This whole set is limited to only 3,000 so best grab it sooner than later if it tickles your fancy. You can purchase it now for $89.95 (plus shipping) with the expected shipping date set for November 30. The store page can be viewed here

This seems like the best sort of collectible in that it’s both decorative and functional. It’s not quite up my alley, but I appreciate the craftsmanship and I’m always more interested in collector’s items that branch beyond the usual steelbook case or expensive statue (though you can also grab one modeled after Ellie here). 

Interested in picking up this collection? Are you a general fan of collecting notebooks and stationary? Let us know down in the comments!

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