Friday, May 31, 2019

The State of E3 2019

The biggest names in gaming are gathering in LA, the rumor mill is churning, and E3 2019 is nearly upon us.

Headed into its 25th year, E3 remains the most anticipated event in all of gaming. Tens of thousands will head to LA, while millions more tune in online, for a days-long barrage of new game announcements from AAA studios and indie devs alike.

E3 2019 should be especially interesting, as we find ourselves on the cusp of a new console generation, but without too much info about what it will look like. And there have been some big changes to the conference lineup — EA has opted not to hold a press conference, while Sony is skipping E3 entirely for the first time in show history. Microsoft, meanwhile, is preparing its shift from Xbox One to its next console, reportedly launching in 2020, and Google could potentially have a presence with its planned “summer” conference as it aims to introduce its accessible game streaming with Stadia.

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