Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Division 2: Dark Zones and PVP Detailed

Ubisoft has detailed how Dark Zones and PvP will work in The Division 2.

Announced through Ubisoft’s official website, the Dark Zone is back - except this time, there are three distinct Dark Zones. In them, players will begin hunting enemy factions in unique neighborhoods of Washington, DC. However, players can go rogue and turn on their teammates in order to secure some powerful loot, should they choose to do so.

You can go rogue by breaking into locked chests or stealing the entirety of a Dark Zone drop, though this will reveal an indicator to former teammates that you’ve gone rogue, and you will be susceptible to their attacks. You can take out another player and become a “Disavowed Rogue,” making your red rogue icon more visible to other players. Keep killing fellow agents, and you’ll go "Manhunt Rogue," which alerts all players to your presence, and a major bounty will be put on your head.

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