Thursday, October 11, 2018

Space Hulk: Tactics Review

The heavy gunner of my Space Marine squad ran dry on ammo one turn before I would have completed a tense hold-out mission against the ravenous genestealer hordes of Space Hulk Tactics. Without his suppressive fire obliterating any aliens who dared to proceed down the long corridor from their main spawn point, the nasties were able to pick my battle brothers apart one by one, the defensive position collapsing like a house of cards. My plan had almost worked beautifully. Just like this game.

Tactics isn’t the first video game adaptation of the asymmetrical, turn-based board game that pits slow Space Marines packing potent firepower against swift and deadly Genestealers who excel in melee combat – but it is the slickest-looking. The terrain is detailed and readable. Each creeping alien and hulking suit of power armor is adorned with small touches that help them pop. And whether you’re storming the corridors of a ramshackle ork vessel or an abandoned, eerily pristine Eldar frigate, there’s plenty of cool stuff to look at and blast into a million pieces in a panic to kill the oncoming swarm.

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