Thursday, October 18, 2018

Independent Games Stores Reportedly Won't Get Red Dead 2 Until November

A number of independently owned video game stores aren’t expecting to receive copies of Red Dead Redemption 2 until November.

As reported by Kotaku, various independent game retailers, as well as the gaming rental service GameFly, don’t believe they will get copies of the game on its release date of October 26 like major retailers including GameStop, Best Buy and more are expected to receive. Instead, many are expecting copies to arrive a week or so later.

These retailers aren’t entirely sure why this is happening, though issues of supply constraints, as well as a fears of mom-and-pop stores potentially breaking the game’s street date, were both touched on by shop owners. Some stores have noted that there’s a possibility that they could receive Xbox One copies of the game on time, though the probability that many independent retailers won’t get any copies of the game within its first week of release is reportedly high.

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