Friday, October 12, 2018

Hitman 2’s Ghost Multiplayer Mode Is a 1v1 Parallel Universe Competition

Earlier this week I told you about an hour-long hands-on with the newly revealed Columbian jungle mission in Hitman 2, the not-at-all-episodic, totally-a-fully-fledged-game sequel to 2016’s back-to-its-sandbox-roots Hitman reboot. Following that, I also got to try out Hitman 2’s brand-new Ghost mode, a 1v1 multiplayer showdown that puts two Agent 47’s in the same scenario at the same time, albeit in parallel universes.

What that means is that you’ll each be given a random target somewhere on the map – I played on the Miami level I saw at E3 – with the goal of getting to the target and eliminating them before your opponent can. It’s not simply who gets there first, but once the Other 47 takes his target out, you’ll be on a countdown timer to match the hit, lest your opponent get the point. First to five points wins. And yes, you can see your opponent in your reality, even if you can’t interact with them.

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